Paloma Apparel: Origin Story

Our origin started as most curated stores do: the need to find classic pieces all in one place, at an affordable price. The non-stop hunt for the perfect outfit, riffling through department stores and shopping the sale sections (that can sometimes feel more like a hand-me-down section) gets tiresome. The modern working girl, who's hustling non-stop to pave her way in this crazy world, deserves some respect while shopping.

Enter: Paloma Apparel. 

Paloma Apparel is always searching for those "have-to-have" pieces that are perfectly transitional to repeat wear (yes it's possible to double-play an item without anyone noticing, we promise). The fast-fashion industry has blurred or vision on how shopping should be; the over craze for one-wear expensive pieces is a bit ridiculous in our opinion. We want to take you back to a place where: essentials are key, layering is everything & perfectly accessorizing can literally turn any outfit into pure gold.

Our 7-Promises To You:

    1. We promise you don't need to spend a fortune on pieces to look expensive & chic. 
    2. We'll always keep things fresh, updating our pieces regularly.
    3. You'll never find over priced items here. 
    4. Our look books will inspire the chicest outfits.
    5. If you sign up for our newsletter, we'll play nice.
      Spam = no bueno. 
    6. Questions? We actually want to chat. Let us help you, help yourself.
    7. The items we choose are items we'd actually wear, no need to stress about quality or weird-fits.

Ps: If you love us as much as we love you, give us a follow on insta & tag us with your looks. We can't wait to see how you styled our pieces!